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Infrastructure is both a facilitator and a metric by which a country’s growth index is measured. Our Infrastructure advisory team provides a comprehensive range of services in urban, energy and natural resources, transport and logistics, and infrastructure financing in India smoothly devoid of any delays, hassles, and legal or monetary concerns.

Our expertise includes:
  • Bid Advisory & Bid Process Management – Our Advisory team not only prepares model answers, case studies of previous contracts and necessary documentation to secure the strongest bid, but also solicit feedback so that bid submissions may be improved in the future and project development takes place without any delay.
  • Infrastructure Project Planning and Strategy Implementation – Our Infrastructure Advisory team has provided advice on a wide range of projects, including those funded through internal resources, international funds, state and federal grants, and public-private partnerships.
  • Transaction Advisory – Our Expert advisors ensure that the funds to be invested are meticulously planned from beginning to end. Our services include financial assessment, risk management, contract formulation and many more.
  • Infrastructure and Public Finance – Our team of experts assists in sustained development of infrastructure facilities and services by expanding infrastructure finance markets across economies, enabling frameworks for Public Private Partnerships across a wide range of sectors, a thriving infrastructure finance ecosystem allowing a diversified investor base through a variety of financing instruments and institutional frameworks.
  • Project Feasibility – Our expertise comprises of advising on the restructuring decisions, business planning, benchmarking, and feasibility assessments, Traffic modeling, studying the market structure and trends.
  • Operation and Maintenance – Our Advisory assistance includes capacity building and upgradation of operational capabilities and conducting regular trainings of various departments to improve operational capabilities. We also assist in the policy, programme and knowledge management support.


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