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Core Value
People who demonstrate strength of character:
We expect leaders to act with confidence and integrity, professionally and personally; to navigate through complexity and lead by example.
People who embody our values:
We seek ambassadors who demonstrate our values and promote our strategy through their words, actions and commitment in doing the right thing.
People who bring out the potential in others:
We look for outstanding coaches and mentors who create high-performing teams, drawing upon the strengths of people from different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences.
People who are commercially astute:
We want strategic thinkers with business acumen, who bring global vision to their role, and reputation for leading-edge technical experience.
People who know how to build robust, enduring relationships:
We seek collaborative professionals who build lifelong relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
People committed to quality:
We want leaders who possess sound judgment, manage risks effectively and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to delivering work of the highest quality.
Through the breadth and depth of their collective experience — professionally and in their communities — our global leadership reflects the strength of our network and the diversity of our culture.
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